Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother of Pearl Necklace

Here’s a really simple summer necklace. All you need is some ribbon, ribbon findings, clasp, bail, mother of pearl pendant, and charm of your choice,

I selected this Mother of Pearl white pendant from  I liked the pendant but it wasn’t enough for me, so I added a starfish charm and then attached the bail to both. The pendant is so thin that it works out great and I love the way the charm looks on the mother of pearl.


After putting the pendant together, I made the “chain” using a soft color pink. I made the ribbon about 16 inches long and attached a ribbon finding to each end. Attach a clasp and voila—you have a great summer necklace in under 30 minutes.


Thanks so much to my friends at  for the great products!

Full Disclosure: Many of the beads you see below are from  Some of the items I had on hand but all the pretty stuff is from them. To be clear; they gave me the beads so I would create and then write. Nothing really very sinister but I need to tell you this all upfront so none of us gets into trouble.

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