Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer Charm Bracelet

I live on Long Island, surrounded by beaches and water. I love the beach, sun, and water but what I really look forward to most each summer is my garden.  Thankfully, my daughter shares my love of gardening and flowers too.

I was in the city recently for the Whole Bead Show and bought some lovely large crystal rondells. They are green with little rosettes inside them. Just gorgeous. As usual, I had no idea what I’d do with them.

Enter the great charms from  These are sterling silver charms which make me think of summer. I wanted a little more color on my charm bracelet versus just using a chain.


I strung crystals on eye pins and made little sections with it. I alternated between green Swarovski bicone crystals in 4mm and 6mm size and then the large rondells too. The eye pins allow me to hook the charms to the openings.


This charm bracelet demonstrates everything I like about summer; beatufiul greens, flowers, and gardening. And of course the sparkle of the crystals really makes me happy.


Thanks to for the great silver charms.

Full Disclosure: Many of the beads you see below are from  Some of the items I had on hand but all the pretty stuff is from them. To be clear; they gave me the beads so I would create and then write. Nothing really very sinister but I need to tell you this all upfront so none of us gets into trouble.

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