Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crossweave Style Beaded Necklace With Sterling Silver Starfish Charm

This necklace makes me think of the Long Island Sound and beach. On the north shore of Long Island we have very rocky shores. The texture of this necklace and varied hues of blue makes me think of summertime on the sound. Adding the sterling silver starfish charm was an extra bonus.


This necklace is basically made with a crossweave technique. Depending on the stringing you use would determine if you need a needle or not. I used fireline and two needles.

Using smaller fire polished beads on one side and larger on the outside ensures that the necklace drapes nicely around the neck. Supplies below will make a chain about 18 inches long.

 Full Disclosure: Most of the beads you see below are from  Some of the items I had on hand but all the pretty stuff is from them. To be clear; they gave me the beads so I would create and then write. Nothing really very sinister but I need to tell you this all upfront so none of us gets into trouble.



  1. Take a comfortable amount of thread (1 yard or so) and fold in half. Put a needle on each end.
  2. Put 8 seed beads on the right strand.

  3. Take the left needle and feed it back through the last bead to make a circle.
  4. Feed three seed beads on the right follow with one 6mm fire polished bead and then three more seed beads.
  5. Feed two seed beads on the left, follow with one 4mm fire polished bead, and two more seed beads.

  6. Put one more seed bead on the right strand and cross your left needle through that bead.
  7. Continue steps 4 through 6 until the chain is the length you require.

  8. Find the center of your beaded chain and attach your charm.

  9. Add a clasp to the end.



  1. Neat technique and I love the cool colours. I've done plenty of beading, but none that involved weaving with a needle like this.

  2. I love reading about this as I've done a teeny bit of beading myself. The colors are beautiful and summery!

  3. Love those colors. Very beachy. :)

  4. Thank you! The crossweave is a really simple technique and works up fast.

  5. I used to make jewelry and have been on hiatus. Looking at your designs makes me want to try it again!

  6. That is so pretty. I love this beading. It seems like it may be easy enough to do that even un-crafty I could try it!