Monday, April 22, 2013

It’s the Great Mother’s Day Giveaway!

I don’t know why but mother’s day seems to sneak up on me every year. My mother prefers it when I give her things I’ve made—she’s kept pretty much every macaroni craft of mine. While my craft skills have improved a bit—she still has her preferences. She told me that she has too much jewelry (hmph!).  Just yesterday I started to panic about having enough time to make her something she’ll like and get it shipped in time. For your reference: mother’s day is Sunday, May 12th!

I’m participating with a bunch of my friends to create a huge Mother’s Day Giveaway. What? You don’t believe me? I’ve got friends! Anyway, the gift package includes an assortment of books, DVDs, jewelry, and a very cool gift certificate.

Here's the short version of the rules: To enter, leave a comment on this post. For more chances, leave a comment on the other blogs listed below. Enter by midnight ET on May 12, 2013. . Detailed rules at the bottom of this post


From PuttingItAllontheTable (The Organizer of This Great Giveaway):

muffin-tin-cookieOne signed copy of "The Muffin Tin Cookbook: 200 Fast, Delicious Mini-Pies, Pasta Cups, Gourmet Pockets, Veggie Cakes, and More!" by Brette Sember. Moms love muffin tin cooking because one cup equals one portion (no fooling yourself that you’ll have “just another bite”) and because kids automatically think anything made in a muffin cup is delicious and are willing to try new foods made this way.

One copy of "Cookie: A Love Story: Fun Facts, Delicious Stories, Fascinating History, Tasty Recipes, and More" by Brette Sember, a glorious celebration of America’s favorite treat, a gleeful look at its history, impact, meaning, and deliciousness, filled with mouth-watering anecdotes and stories that will satisfy in a way no other book can. Special recipes, anecdotes, and everything you ever wanted to know about cookies are in its pages.

From Project: Happily Ever After:project-happily-ever-after

One copy of "Project: Happily Ever After," by Alisa Bowman, a memoir of how the author saved her marriage. Partly tragic and partly humorous, the book will help you feel normal, give you helpful tools to try at home, and leave you with a pervading sense that you are not alone.

From Christine Gross-Loh:

parenting-without-bordersOne signed copy of "Parenting without Borders: Surprising Lessons Parents Around the World Can Teach Us," hitting shelves just in time for Mother's Day. Parenting expert Christine Gross-Loh, a mother of four, takes readers on a multicultural tour of the world’s best parenting practices -- from Finland, Sweden, and Germany to France, Japan, China, Italy, and beyond to examine how international parents successfully foster creativity, discipline, independence, resilience and academic excellence in their children.

Revealing the surprising ways in which culture shapes accepted practices, Gross-Loh offers objective, science-based insight into what strategies are best for children -- and why -- in a book that is sure to spark new conversations among parents. Ultimately, "Parenting Without Borders" is both a call to action and an international handbook on how to build our own global village -- one that will raise all of our children well.

From Belle Jewelry Designs:

One Bead Kit and Pattern to Make Dainty Daisies Bracelet belle-jewelry-designsby Claudine Jalajas.  Every year my children give me flowers for the garden for Mother’s Day. It’s one of my favorite gifts. This bracelet reminds me of Mother’s Day for that reason.

This pattern and bead kit will provide you with everything you need to create this lovely bracelet. The design is created using a cross-weave technique which is great for anyone from never-touched-a-needle-and-thread-before to advanced weaver.

I’ve taught this design at several libraries in Suffolk County (on Long Island). Most people can create the bracelet in an hour. It is woven using 4mm and 6mm genuine Swarovski crystallized pearls for the flowers, TOHO seed beads for vines, and potato pearls to simulate leaves. The clasp is a lobster clasp. This design also makes a gorgeous anklet -- just increase the size.

Also? I have BIG NEWS!! My bracelet design book will be released Fall 2014 by Running Press!! Go to my agent's site to read more.

From Attainable Sustainable:

attainable-sustainable-off-the-shelfOne copy of  "Off the Shelf: Homemade alternatives to the condiments, toppings, and snacks you love" from Kris Bordessa, who shares a collection of recipes that take your favorite condiments and pantry staples off the grocery store shelves and puts them right in your (very capable) hands.

Make hummus, pesto, fresh salsa, and a Caesar ranch dressing that will knock your socks off. Whip up a batch of hot fudge sauce or chocolate pudding to indulge your sweet tooth. If you can chop, dice, and stir, you (or your kids, mom!) can make any of these recipes and more right at home.

From MyKidsEatSquid:

my-kids-eat-squidOne $25 Gift Certificate for King Arthur Flour, from My, which offers cooking tips, tricks, and recipes to tempt your family's taste buds.

Founded in 1790 (yes, you read that right), King Arthur Flour is a really cool business where baking and social responsibility go hand in hand.

From The Friendship Blog:

best-friends-foreverOne copy of "Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup With Your Best Friend" by psychologist Irene S. Levine. On a recent appearance on "CBS Sunday Morning," Rita Braver called Irene the “Dear Abby of Friendship."

Close friendships, which are essential to our well-being, can be challenged by motherhood. Having children often drains time and emotion from other relationships, and can create distance between mothers and child-free friends. Give yourself the gift of focusing on your female friendships this Mother’s Day.

From MyItchyTravelFeet:

65-things-to-do-when-you-retireOne copy of "65 Things to Do When You Retire: TRAVEL." A total of 10,000 people turn 65 each day -- and many of them who retire want to make the most of travel opportunities. "65 Things to Do When You Retire: Travel" offers practical, inspiring advice about how to have the time of your life, whether traveling with a group, with a spouse or partner, or on your own.

More than 65 intrepid writers and travel experts reveal their own personal adventures and describe glorious getaways for retirees, including such exciting travel opportunities as international house-sitting, going to Italy for a writing workshop, volunteering to help communities in developing countries, doing archaeological digs, taking a retirement "gap year," and chucking it all to see the world.

From StickingMyNeckOut:

the-business-of-babyAn autographed hard cover copy of "The Business of Baby," by Jennifer Margulis, an explosive new book uncovering how corporations and for-profit medicine harm new moms and their babies.

Award-winning midwife Ina May Gaskin calls the book, "a must-read for expectant mothers," and Library Journal has said it's "not just for parents to ponder."

Check out the trailer for Business of Baby

From ReelLifewithJane:

reel-life-moms-day-giveaway-2006 DVDs. Every mom needs a distraction from life, whether it's Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts on a scooter, Edie Falco as a wayward nurse, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman as old friends who might be parents, the classic boy from Neverland, Anna Wintour's glitzy life, or America's bully crisis.

That's why Reel Life With Jane's entry in The Great Mother's Day Giveaway is a DVD/blu-ray six-pack extravaganza: "Larry Crowne," "Nurse Jackie Season 4," "The Switch," "Peter Pan Diamond Edition," "The September Issue," and "Bully." For more great giveaways, entertainment news, celebrity interviews and reviews, visit Reel Life With Jane and follow them on Twitter.


Check out the trailer for Bully



  • One winner will win the ENTIRE package of prizes!
  • Enter by leaving a comment on this post.
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  • You must enter by midnight ET on Sunday, May 12, 2013 (Mother’s Day).
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  • Offer limited to U.S. addresses only; entrants age 18 and up.
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  • We reserve the right to announce the name of the winner on the blogs.
Each participating blog will be responsible for sending its own prize


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