Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Working With Rivolis

IMG_3043I’ve never worked with Rivolis until recently. I saw several different patterns and Bead & Button kept saying, “we just can’t get enough of Rivolis.”  I will admit—they’re freaking GORGEOUS. However, kinda hate working with them (so far).

I bought some assorted sizes from my usual source, Artbeads.com. I bought them in Montana Sapphire (a new favorite color of mine.) I was at the Long Island Bead Festival recently and bought some more rivolis in a lighter blue for contrast.

The first pattern I tried was Bead & Button’s, Rivoli square dance. Figuring out the correct number of beads needed (even using the chart on the diagram) was tricky. Once I completed the bracelet I was in total awe.  However, I was concerned about the rivolis being secure.

Even though this is a little over-the-top in style, I wore it the other day. I was VERY upset when I saw one of the rivolis was missing from its’ cage. I had even modified the design adding an additional round of beads to hold it in place.

IMG_3041Last night I reached into a pot holder and felt some kind of pebble in there. Before I screamed at my kids, “Who was playing with my potholders?” the beautiful blue rivoli fell out. So now I have it; but I need to figure out a way to secure it. I’m thinking some jewelry glue. Any ideas?

A free project that you can download off Bead & Button’s site is called “Stones with corners.” Before I throw in the towel on rivolis, like I have with making homemade cheesecake, I’m going to try this pattern next. So far, the rivoli sections seem more secure. I’ll keep you posted!


  1. I hope you find a way to secure that thing. It's beautiful.

  2. I am simply amazed by the jewelry you are able to make! I would never have the patience. I didn't even know what a rivoli was.