Monday, March 15, 2010

An Inexpensive Solution for Taking Your Jewelry Projects Everywhere You Go

I was in Michaels yesterday and saw these little containers in the scrapbook section.  They are small cases for storing photos.  They can hold up to 100 4x6 photos—OR your jewelry project. They were only $1.00 so I thought I could afford to take a couple home and experiment.  


I cut a piece of Vellux to fit one side of the container leaving a bit of a lip all the way around.  This makes for a very nice workspace for your lap the next time you’re on the train or sitting in the lobby of your daughter’s ballet class or kids’ swim class! (I don’t like sitting much—I have to keep busy or I get antsy.  Which explains my hyper kids—but I digress.)


What’s nice about this container is that it’s small enough to throw in my bag and take it when my daughter has ballet class but it’s also just the right size to store my beads, thread, scissors, and thread burner. True story.


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